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The cornerstone of our service is great sound. We've invested in the system and the engineering to bring you the very best. Whether you need soft background music or enough volume to fill a large venue, we've got the amps, speakers, microphones, and mixers to get it done right. Our wireless UHF mics are noise-free and have great range. We bring most of this equipment to every event, so we can provide exactly what you need. We have music for any occasion and thousands of karaoke tracks to keep your party going as long as as you want!


Twin City DJ: "We make it special because we care!"


Turn your event into ultraviolet fun with black lights! Add multiple UV lights for a glowing neon party that can't be matched! We set up 8 black light tubes (that's 32 feet) at your venue and surround you in ultraviolet rays for a wild dance and hypnotic atmosphere. Generally $100 extra per event.

Dramatic lighting makes your event one-of-a-kind! Color-mixing LED technology allows us to create incredible visuals, transforming the venue into something special that reflects your individual style. The possibilities are limited only to your imagination. Create a design, or let us do it for you. We guarantee you'll be thrilled with the results! Generally $250 extra per event.


More Sound • More Power • More Music
Lots of Options at Great Prices!

One of the most exciting aspects of our business is the lighting we offer. We can do virtually any event and can mix and match effects to get just the ambiance you want. We have DMX scanners, like the specialty lighting used at big concerts. The Oceana effect is a beautiful and hard-to-find piece with gently moving blue waves of light, setting the mood for that special slow dance or karaoke love song. Our Kinta lights are a staple because they throw a lot of fast-moving colored rays onto the dance floor. Twin City DJ also has mirrored disco balls, police beacons, chasing lights, strobes, fog machines, and other fixtures to compliment your event. Just let us know what you want to see!